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A Tsongkhapa Meditation

We should meditate on anything we know about Bodhicitta and generate the mind to achieve it.   How do we do that? We start by visualising all the Three Jewels and our Gurus dissolving into Lord Tsongkhapa. Then visualise our mother on left, our father on the right, and all other beings surrounding us as […]

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Lama Tsongkhapa Retreat

Solitary retreat remains one of our most poignant practice experiences. To retreat means to abandon our usual routine and enter into a world of simplicity, focused meditation practice and inspired contemplation. While solitary retreats are recommended for those truly seeking realization, even those just exploring the spiritual path will find retreat practice valuable. These days […]

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Migtsema For Peace Project

Migtsema for Peace Project September 24th – October 24th 2013 Dear everyone – There is so much violence in the world today. The seemingly endless bloodshed in the Middle East, increasingly frequent mass shootings in the US, international terrorism and on and on. Wherever we are in the world it is hard to deny what […]

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