A Tsongkhapa Meditation

We should meditate on anything we know about Bodhicitta and generate the mind to achieve it.

A Tsongkhapa Meditation

How do we do that?

We start by visualising all the Three Jewels and our Gurus dissolving into Lord Tsongkhapa. Then visualise our mother on left, our father on the right, and all other beings surrounding us as far as the eye can see. Lord Tsongkhapa, the emanation of Avalokiteshvara, Vajrapani and Manjushri, is smiling gently at us an arms-length away. He is the size of a thumb and is loving us, forgiving us, accepting us – filled with golden purifying healing and wisdom lights.

spirit_underworld_yama_004First recite the prayer ‘A Song Rapidly Invoking Blessings‘. Afterwards, clear the mind and recite Migtsema while visualising the lights from Tsongkhapa entering your crown, flushing away all sickness, anger, negative karma, negative imprints, bad habituations, lack of self-worth, lack of clarity, etc. All this leaves your orifices in the form of black light, snakes, scorpions, etc into the ground beneath you. Seven levels down, the Lord of Death (usually depicted as holding the Wheel of Life) opens his mouth and happily accepts these.

When he finishes his ‘meal’ from you, your body is light, clear and happy. The Lord of Death falls back to sleep (it is very important to visualise this), and Lord Tsongkhapa fills you with His healing and wisdom lights. He grants you the seven wisdoms; knowledge and bodhicitta is planted. Whatever you visualised from Tsongkhapa, think that the same thing is simultaneously happening to all beings around you, and that you hear them reciting Migtsema together with you. Focus on that sound and clear your mind of all other thoughts. The chanting is light thunder. Focus the mind – it is very powerful to develop powerful concentration using this method.

He implants Bodhicitta, the realisation of Sunyata, and all the 84,000 teachings of Lord Buddha in your mind. Think like this strongly.

When you have finished (it is entirely up to you how long you spend on this), Lama Tsongkhapa, smiling, dissolves into a small golden orb of light and enters the crown of your head, goes down your central channel, and then goes to your heart. He melds with your heart, and you and Tsongkhapa become ONE. He implants Bodhicitta, the realisation of Sunyata, and all the 84,000 teachings of Lord Buddha in your mind. Think like this strongly.

jpegAlso think that when Tsongkhapa manifests in Bodhgaya as one of the thousands of Buddhas to appear in this fortunate eon, you will be born among his disciples. Visualise that Tsongkhapa’s Omniscient mind, unerring compassion and wisdom is planted strongly in your mind. Then feel light, happy and blessed. That would be an easy Tsongkhapa meditation to do daily and on special days.

The Benefits of Migtsema

Doing Migtsema (Tsongkhapa’s mantra) has many profound benefits. You gain the seven types of wisdoms:

  1. Quick wisdom
  2. Profound wisdom
  3. Wisdom of expounding Dharma
  4. Wisdom of spiritual debate
  5. Wisdom of composition
  6. Great wisdom and
  7. Clear wisdom.

Mahasiddha Menkhangpa and the Panchen Lama Palden Yeshe composed 11 different instructions on ritual practices to be done with Migtsema. It has incredible benefits. The 11 instructions are:

  1. To make rain for crops
  2. Gather clouds
  3. Cure djrib disease that makes people fall unconscious
  4. Avoid harm from weapons
  5. Prevention against future djrib disease to arise
  6. Cure wind or lung diseases that cause uncontrollable rage and anger
  7. Cure physical and mental disabilities
  8. Protect from thieves, robbers and enemies
  9. Find sustenance
  10. Pacify obstacles to growing crops such as insects, and
  11. Pacify obstacles to traveling.

These 11 healing actions can be done for others when one has finished a close action retreat on Migtsema.

Panchen Lama said that the practice of Migtsema contains the meaning of all 84,000 teachings of the Conqueror Buddha Shakyamuni!!

There are altogether 108 healing ritual practices one can do for the benefit of others by Migtsema. They are methods for helping sentient beings. Panchen Lama said that the practice of Migtsema contains the meaning of all 84,000 teachings of the Conqueror Buddha Shakyamuni!! For those in the healing arts, Migtsema is a very excellent practice. For extending life, it is superb. If you wish to dedicate the merits for your parents, their benefits, long life, health or good rebirth, Migtsema is supreme. For those in academic fields, to increase the good ‘wind’ for learning, mastering a subject or memory, Migtsema is wonderful. For children who are studying, it is also excellent. For those who are depressed, Migtsema is the best for modern stress-related conditions of the mind. Migtsema combined with meditation has so many benefits that it would be beyond what I can post. But believe the great masters, it is a great practice. H.H. the Dalai Lama recommended us to do Migtsema always when He graced Gaden Monastery with His visit.

We should be diligently making offerings of candles, incense, fruits, water, etc on your shrine to Lord Tsongkhapa as a daily practice, it is very powerful. When doing this visualisation, remember that in Tsongkhapa’s heart is Buddha Shakyamuni and in Shakyamuni’s heart is Buddha Vajradhara. This form of Tsongkhapa is called ‘LAMA LOBSANG THUBWANG DORJE CHANG’.

It is Tsongkhapa as one with Shakyamuni and Vajradhara; the Three Jewels are ALL COMPLETE IN LORD TSONGKHAPA.

H.H. the Dalai lama mentioned many times that images of Tsongkhapa are super sacred. Hence it would be good to have an image of Tsongkhapa and dedicate it to our loved ones, or to have Tsongkhapa pendants to wear for blessings and protection.

vs_110021-01517_2Tsongkhapa and His Migtsema practice are very profound, yet simple, yet powerful for the minds of today. It doesn’t require lengthy rituals, initiations, taking vows, or even having to meet with a teacher to engage in Tsongkhapa’s practice. The excellent part is that you can’t go wrong with it even without guidance from a teacher. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can start, maintain, do and receive the benefits!!

For our modern, instant, supermarket drive-thru, want-everything-quick minds without danger and a ‘money-back guarantee’, TSONGKHAPA IS THE BEST!

The last series of posts on Tsongkhapa, I dedicate to all my Twitter friends. May you achieve your spiritual goals with ease, direction and great happiness. In this and all lives may you never be separated from the perfect path praised by the Buddhas. May you reach the same attainments as Lord Tsongkhapa following the path set out by the Perfect Tathagata, Shakyamuni in this life and future lives.

Tashi delek and peace.

Tsem Rinpoche


Migtsema (Mantra of Je Tsongkhapa)


click here to listen to the mantra:

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