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This article was originally published in the blog of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche.

It is believed that, Ganden Khenpa (Tibetan Sage) was originally grown in the Ganden Monastery (30 km outside Lhasa, Tibet). During the time of The Great Tsong Khapa, there was a wide-spread chicken pox virus in Tibet. To eliminate the outbreak of chicken pox, The Great Tsong Khapa cut his hair, he cut and scattered his hair on the ground of the Ganden Monastery. From the hair grew a special type of grass and it was known as Ganden Grass. The Great TsongKhapa then instructed his followers to cut the grass and burn them as incense to purify the air in the monastery.

Subsequently, this miracle grass was distributed to every household for burning. The epidemic was contained as a result. Since then, the grass was named Ganden Khenpa, also known as Tibetan Sage. Since then, Tibetans firmly believe that as this grass original grew around the consecrated ground, it is supposed to possess remarkable blessing power, and special virtues for curing various kinds of sickness, relaxing one’s pulse and getting rid of inanity to make one wiser.

Almost every Tibetan household burns the Ganden Khenpa incense every day, perhaps this explains how Tibet, during its olden days, lack of hygiene and medical amenities, was free of epidemic diseases. Advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche – “It is very beneficial to burn incense from Ganden in Tibet and very beneficial for the person with SARS to smell and breathe in this incense deeply” Other benefits : rheumatism, arthritis, swelling, when soaked in hot bath, it reduces swelling in joints, and promotes blood circulation.

Might I add a slight ammendment this is also some of the info I found:
Ganden Incense
GANDEN GRASS,also named “Obstacles Clearing Grass” or called Khenpa in Tibetan, originates from Ganden Monastery in Tibet.
It is believed that Je Tsongkapa, Founder of Gelug Sect, wanted to eliminate the suffering and sicknesses of all sentient beings. So he cut and scattered his hair on the ground. From the hair grew a special type of grass and it was known as Ganden Grass.
Ganden Grass’s taste is dry and bitter. It has been used as a Tibetan Medicinal herb to cure various sicknesses for many generations. It is good for clearing obstacles and can be used for putting into holy statues and stupas. Many sages of all Tibetan Sects praised the distinguished benefits and uses of this herb.
The ganden herbal incense is made from an herb which grows at an altitude of 15,000 feet near Ganden Monastic University outside of Lhasa, Tibet, According to H.H. the Dalai Lama’s physician, it is good as a preventative against colds and flu, and for purifying polluted atmosphere. These natural herbs and spices are pressed together in a masala preparation and shaped into the Tibetan style sticks. Ganden incense has a unique aroma.
– from Bradley Kassian

Ganden Khenpa Incense

Ganden Khenpa Incense

(Bradley kindly shared this information where he participates in blog chat on quite often. I am so happy to see him sharing information of blog chat. He is a kindly person who shares dharma with everyone on the blog chat. He makes great effort to share dharma and what he shares is really from reading, research and it’s all from his heart and passion for benefitting others with information. I was happy to read this and thought I’d share this wonderful information he posted. Bradley is very accurate with his information on the holy incense derived from Lord Tsongkapa. And everyone should try to obtain this wonderful incense and burn daily. But most important, bring the blessings of Lord Tsongkapa into your home, life and environment. Thank you Bradley! Tsem Rinpoche)

Tsongkapa had performed many feats of miracles for the benefit of others during his lifetime.

Tsongkapa had performed many feats of miracles for the benefit of others during his lifetime.

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