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Migtsema for Peace Project

September 24th – October 24th 2013

Dear everyone –

There is so much violence in the world today. The seemingly endless bloodshed in the Middle East, increasingly frequent mass shootings in the US, international terrorism and on and on. Wherever we are in the world it is hard to deny what is happening around us. People are suffering – they are scared, driven to fear by the threat of violence and war. Is there something we can do to benefit them and help influence other’s minds towards peace and non violence? Yes we most definitely can!

If you would like to participate in the project then you would be committing to a minimum of 3 recitations of Migtsema a day plus 3 Setrap mantra recitations for everyday until October 24th. At the end of your recitations please dedicate the merits as you normally would with special attention paid to promoting peaceful solutions and ending violence throughout the world. It would also be beneficial to precede these recitations with the Guru Yoga of Lama Tsongkhapa which can be found here on Lama-Tsongkhapa.com

Please report your progress on a daily basis. You can enter your mantra counts on the form here on this page. We will send out periodic progress updates to all participants via messaging services, email and social media such as Facebook and twitter. At the end of the 30 days on October 24th, We will report the final accumulation to H.E. Tsem Rinpoche whose Dharma teachings are the core inspiration for this effort. That day is also his birthday so it would be an auspicious time to present him our results as an offering along with all of our names and well wishes. I really can’t think of a better gift for Rinpoche as he has repeatedly mentioned that the best gift we can give him is to transform our minds and practice Dharma!

Kind regards,
Gustav Joseph
Migtsema For Peace Team

Facebook: facebook.com/migtsema.mantra
Twitter: @migtsema4peace
Email: migtsema4peace@gmail.com
Whatsapp / Kik: 15617799001

Migtsema (Mantra of Je Tsongkhapa)


Je Tsongkhapa, crown jewel of the holy Masters of the land of snows,
You are Avalokiteshvara, great goldmine of Compassion untainted by ego’s delusion.
You are Manjushri, great Master of stainless wisdom.
You are Vajrapani, great subduer of all the gatherings of demons.
At your feet, famed Lobsang Drakpa,
I humbly bow and earnestly request that all sentient beings achieve Enlightenment.

Setrap Mantra



Total Mantras Recited


Migtsema Project Days Left

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Also to help motivate and stay on track we would like to keep a daily tally for each person’s progress. You can message me your count for the day and I will add it to our spreadsheet. I will post periodic updates on the group total so we all know how we are progressing in relation to the goal.
I have made a Facebook page for this project. If you use Facebook please friend the project. Also it would be a good place to share one’s thoughts on the subject of causing peace and preventing violence around the world with prayer and meditation. It can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/migtsema.mantra
The minimum requirements for the project are simple: 3 recitations of Migtsema a day plus 3 recitations of Setrap’s mantra all dedicated specifically to world peace and non violent solutions. Most of us will do more than that. In fact it would be very good to commit from the beginning to do more if that is something you want to take on. The most important thing is to be consistent with it and fulfill the commitments.
Before making the recitations it would be very beneficial to do Lama Tsongkhapa’s Guru Yoga practice. It is not a requirement but it would be very good and beneficial. At the end we should definitely dedicate the merits of the practice.

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